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Monday, May 11, 2015

Learning from mother in the bathroom!

OK, so that top photo never ever happened with me! I never spent one second in the bathroom with my father doing "guy things." He did not even show me how to shave when that time came.

However, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom with my mother! Many times I would just be sitting there like this boy in the photo talking to her while she showered. 

Of course, I saw everything about her because she did not hide it. Her beautiful breasts. Her smooth body. Her patch of pubie hair! She became my idol! I saw her pregnant naked body when my little brother came along when I was 8. Such envy!

By the time I was a teen I watched her shaving her legs and learned how to do that from her! I watched how she put on her lipstick and makeup and how she did her hair and eyebrows and eyelashes! I grew to love perfume because of her and often borrowed some! And I saw her in her lingerie and I attribute that to my first yearnings to also wear it!

I know in my teen years I wanted to be a teen girl like my sister and the girls at school, but my first love of femininity came from watching my mother! 

What about you? As a young sissy, did you spend time with your mother in the bathroom and learned feminine things from her?


Nancy Lewis said...

I spent lots of time with my 2 sisters - one 4 years older and the other 4 years younger. I learned everything imaginable from about age 8 until I was a teenager.

We shared secrets. They understood my need to be a girl. I loved playing with them. I recall vividly the time when my older sister started dating and the arguments she had with our mother about wearing nylons and makeup.

The best part was when they helped me dress in clothes that fit me reasonably well. We spent many wonderful hours talking about clothes, horses, our dreams and boys.

Sharon Smith said...

Yes I had and I learned how to do my makeup by watching my older sister do it. I also used to watch my wife do hers when I was married. Now instead of shaving I use hair remover lotion and use feminine douche as a enema before I use a vibrating dildo on myself.

Stevie Stevens said...

I saw my mother nakie all the time as a young sissy because she just went about her business and did not cover up.

I did not see my sister nakie unless it was by accident. I did however see her all the time in her bra and panties. I have written how she was one of the hottest and most popular girls in school starting in junior high school so you can understand how I wanted to be just like her!

Grace Deneen said...

Never learned it from my mother; I picked up most of my feminine routines from my girlfriends. Most of them were privy to my cross dressing, and when I started transitioning my girlfriend at the time was happy to teach me makeup and hair.

What I did learn from my mother was shoe shopping! I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids and she taught me how to pick out cute shoes when we were putting together the dresses!

maggie said...

I remember being about 6 and having mom sit me up on the bathroom counter shapping my brows. She was never a modest person and I remember watching in envy as she sat with her wet hair wrapped in a tow and another bath towel around her breasts as she sat in front of her vanity doing her makeup. Though it was always sitting in the kitchen with her and my sisters that she would set our hair in rollers. I so miss those times.

Stevie Stevens said...

Speaking of doing hair, I have a second sister somewhat older than me and the other sister and when we were younger she would do the hair of the girls and women who could come around.

She did not go to beauty school, but she is just so talented in stuff like that and the artistic things.

But I would sit and watch all the hairstyling and even makeup and manicures and for a young sissy it was a great way to learn about such things!

Sarah said...

I learned how to use makeup by watching my mother do it at the vanity table in her bedroom. She patiently explained everything whenever I asked questions. She even put a dab of lipstick on me a few of times.

I usually helped her while she changed clothes after work. I would unzip her dress and she would hand it to me to hang up. Then I sat on the bed and we chatted as she took off her slip, and girdle and stockings, and put on a housecoat. This was the late 1950s, early 60s, and many women wore girdles.

She set her hair every night with pink plastic clip-on rollers. When I got older I offered to do it for her. We'd watch television in the evening while I set her hair. She put a two or three rollers in my hair once in a while, but it was too short for more than that. Then the Beatles came along and long hair was in!
She bought me wire brush rollers because that's what all my girl friends used. We thought they were more comfortable to sleep in than the hard plastic ones.

Stevie Stevens said...

Thanks for the great childhood memory Sarah!

prissydeanna said...

I remember when I was young, my mommy taking me shopping with her.
she always went to jc pennys, and go to the second floor , women's wear. I always looked forward to it so much. while she was looking at, and trying on outfits, I would walk around the store, looking at, and fondling all the pretty fashions, usually always ending up in the lingerie dept. sometimes the women there would ask me if I saw something I wanted to look at and try on just kidding around. I really did want to try on some silky sleep wear, and lingerie, but laughed and said no thank you.
I always wondered if they really knew I wanted to. some of the women would watch me feeling the fabrics and holding up girdles with garters, and drooling over stockings. I just adored pantyhose, and soooooo wanted to try them on. as time passed, I got my wishes from a neighborhood girl I knew. I think my desires to dress in ladies pretty clothing stemmed from these shopping trips that I enjoyed so much. I've never grown out of it, but more and more into it.

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