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Friday, May 1, 2015

Playing with the hula hoops with the girls!

When I was a young teen sissy I would play with hula hoops with the neighborhood girls and other sissies for hours!

While the boys were playing ball the girls and the sissies -- when they were not watching the boys! -- would be playing with hula hoops and jumping rope a lot.

I actually was quite good with the hula hoop! Not so good jumping rope! It was like I had three feet!

But we sissies really enjoyed doing things with the girls! And that included talking about boys we liked! A lot of times after playing with hula hoops and jumping rope, we sissies would be invited over to a girl's house to listen to music or just talk.

The only bad thing that I remember from this is that some of the mean boys would come around and, seeing us sissies playing with the girls, would call us fairies and faggots and cunts and such. That was tough, but our girl friends would tell them to knock it off.

But overall it was an enjoyable time. I did not have a lot of regular friends besides the other sissies and the girls who accepted us, so I really appreciated these times with the girls.

What about you? Every try the hula hoop or jump rope? Did you do it with the girls or other sissies? Tell us about your memories of doing such things or other things with the girl!


Sarah said...

I played with hula hoops, jumped rope, and did hopscotch with another sissy boy and with the girls in my neighborhood. The other neighbor boys baseball and tag, typical boy games, while we two sissies preferred to be with the girls. I remember the other boys teasing us and calling us names, and the girls defending us and making the boys stop.

Happy pet said...

Hi Stevie,

At the grand old age of 45 (me) i am trying, with Owners encouragement, to learn to hula. As a child i played hopskotch but i don't recall ever hula hooping. Sadly, i am no yet at the point where i dare show off my skills in public but i hope to get proficient enough to hula in our local park this summer.


Stevie Stevens said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot about hopscotch! We sissies and girls probably did that even more than the hula hoop and jumping rope!

We would draw the lines with chalk on the sidewalk in front of somebody's house in most cases.

And yes, Sarah, the boys would tease us and the girls would tell them to stop! It seems growing up a sissy was pretty much the same all over!

Sarah said...

You are so right about how growing up a sissy was the same all over. I remember being bullied in high school by a boy who was a couple of years older than me. He had me backed up against the hall lockers and I was so scared I was shaking. A girl in his class, whom I hardly knew, got between us and started pushing him away and yelling, "Leave him alone. He's just a girl." I burst into tears when she said that. A crowd had gathered and you'd think everyone would have started laughing. Instead, there was total silence. The bully backed off and the girl put her arm around my shoulders and led me away. She stayed with me and comforted me until I calmed down. I had never felt so vulnerable and so much like a girl until then.

Years later I read an account by another sissy who had the same sort of experience, with a girl saying the very same thing while defending him. It was so much like what happened to me that it was spooky.

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that Sarah. That could have gone awfully wrong in the other direction. There was a chance that the whole crowd could have started ridiculing you. Girls like that are heroes to those of us who want to be girls!

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