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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Regrets about the prom!

I regret that I could not
be a prom date!
So another prom season is upon us and has been for several weeks. Driving around on Friday and Saturday nights I have seen the pretty girls all dressed up in their gowns, and on the arm of cute boy!

So, needless to say, I wish I could have been one of those girls. That is one of my great regrets of growing up a sissy -- not being able to do certain things that the real girls do. Being a cheerleader or on the dance team are others!

I wish I could have gotten all prettied up, had my makeup and hair and nails done! I wish I could have slipped into a short prom gown like the one pictured! I wish a cute boy would have picked me up and given me a corsage!

Certainly one of the boys I was giving blowjobs to could have taken me but that was not going to happen. And that's even though he would have gotten a nice blowjob afterwards, something that most real girls were not going to do!

I did not go to my prom, even in boy mode. No girl was going to ask a sissy to go and I was too shy to ask a pretty girl to go. I know I could have asked a shy girl to go. But I was so much into being girlie at that point in my life that it would have felt really really awkward for me to dress up in a tuxedo and escort a girl wearing the prom gown that I wish I was wearing!

This T-girl, Angie, was a prom queen! So envious!
No, it would have been a nice evening only if I was being my girlie self and that was not going to happen. Especially at my high school, which was in a conservative Republican stronghold.

I really admire those T-girls who are going to their proms in this day and age! And some T-girls are even being crowned the prom queen, like Angie in the bottom photo! Also, there are LGBT proms too and I certainly would have settled for something like that when I was in high school!

What about you? Do you have regrets about not being able to go to your prom as a girl? Did anyone have the opportunity to go to an LGBT prom?


Sarah said...

Yes, I wish I could have gone to the prom on the arm of a handsome boy, dressed in a beautiful gown, my hair and makeup done in a salon. But that was nearly fifty years ago and T-girls, gay boys and lesbians were not welcome. So, I spent the evening with my then current boyfriend, dressed in my favorite babydoll nightie, while he whispered in my ear telling me what a good girl I was. That made up for not going to the prom.

Rachel Smith said...

I really wish I could have gone to prom wearing a dress and heels.

mskatie313 said...

Back when my junior prom was held in May, 1946, I did muster up the courage to ask a girl to the prom. Like Stevie, I was a very shy boy, probably because I was so physically like a girl, with weak arms and all. But I took a girl -- a real brainy one and average in looks -- but was too shy to ask for a kiss good night. How lame was that? Even though I was already sneaking into mom's dresses and other stuff, it never occurred to me that I could have been a woman. The term and idea of being transgender never were heard in those days. (Christine Jorgensen didn't make her complete transition until seven years later.) So I 'manned' myself up and lived an outwardly male life (marriage, kids, macho career and all). all the time dreaming about what it would be to be a girl. Now my biggest regret in life is that I could not live my teen years as a girl. I think I would have made a lovely teen girl. How's that for vanity?

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes, Katie, how nice it would have been to be a girl in high school! Or since that could not really happen, how nice it would have been to LIVE like a girl while in high school! The way things are going, maybe far off in the future young T-girls will be able to do that.

Marcia Rosa said...

sim Katie
eu vivi e ainda vivo uma vida de aparências, meu maior sonho e poder me montar e poder sair as ruas como uma mulher.
Sempre fui apaixonada pelo univesso feminino, mas desde que eu tinha uns 10 anos e aproveitei que minha mãe stava fora e vesti um vestidinho lindo, todo rosa e cheio de babados e não consegui abrir o zxioper que tinha nas costas a tempo de que minha mãe me surpreendesse, e me desse uma bela surra, resolvi esconder meus sentimentos e levar uma vida como um homem normal.

Michelle Hart said...

Even though I dressed mostly in girls clothes and dated boys back when I was in high school, I never had a boy ask me to a prom. For that matter, even none of my female friends would ask me. I remember crying myself to sleep the night of my junior prom because even my steady boyfriend didn't want to be seen with me. The night before the prom was when he dumped me to go with a girl that he asked several weeks before.

James Wilson said...

Yeah, I love that little mauve prom Outfit, that she's wearing,it is very similar to this little babydoll mauve vintage chiffon/nylon nightie that I love to wear to bed and around my home.This mauve nightie has a huge chiffon outer layer of over 120 inches which I love it make the vintage nightie so sexy with all the chiffon gathering under the boob line.I dont have boobs as I'm a male or male boobs,.I just love vintage nighties and this is a 'FETISH" of mine. I'm definatly NOT a X- DRESSER thats for sure Just the love of wearing silky soft chiffon/nylon vintage nighties, THAT IS ALL.... [wearing vintage nylon nighties, that is]

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