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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Sissy Story 3: A scary event after 6th grade

I grew up in a small town in a neighborhood not far from the downtown area. It was probably only a mile to walk from my house to where the stores, eateries and movie theaters were. So, we kids, with our parents' OK, would always be walking to downtown. Even at age 11 or 12.

One night during the summer after 6th grade when I was just about to turn 13 I had met some friends downtown on a Friday evening. I know I should not have stayed out so late because our family rule was to get going home when the street lights came on. 

But I did stay out late and I had to walk home. There is a bridge you have to cross to get to my neighborhood. I was halfway across when I saw this young man -- I don't know around age 30 -- I recognized from the neighborhood. He stopped me and started talking to me and I could see that he was drunk. There was a strip of bars in my neighborhood.

I don't remember all of the conversation of course, but he ended up saying he would walk with me home. 

But these are the events as I remember how they unfolded:

We walked into the neighborhood. He says let's rest for a minute. We end up in a yard behind someone's house. Might have been his house, probably. We sat there on the grass and he kept talking like drunk people do.  Didn't shut up. Slurred is speech. We ended up resting on our elbows at some point. He got close to me and leaned on me enough to push me down flat against the grass. I remember smelling the booze on his breath. Funny, but I can still smell it.

I was wearing short denim shorts as I started doing that summer and I also had started shaving my legs. This man from the neighborhood had to have seen me around and knew that I was a sissy. 

So we are lying there in the grass and he drapes his leg over mine and he starts feeling me up, especially my thighs. Then he slides his hand into my panties and starts feeling me up down there. I do remember after all these years thinking: This can't be happening!

I'm scared of course. I don't know what to do. I thought he would rap me in the face if I did anything. So he's rubbing me in my panties and I just lie there for something like 15 or 20 minutes, so scared. He was half draped over me, after all. When he started kissing on my neck that's when I abruptly pulled away. I remember it being repulsive because he smelled so bad of booze.

I remember saying something like I had to go and that my parents were probably out looking for me. I think I might have also said that my dad was a cop! I got out of there fast. Too fast for him to react, I suppose. He would have just stumbled trying to get up because he was pretty drunk. I pretty much ran home, I was so scared.

I worried about that for some time. I would see that man in the neighborhood a few times and he did not react to me. Probably did not remember what went on that night or who he was with. Then I never saw him again. He probably got arrested for something and sent away, I don't know.

I'm not sure how that incident affected me in the long term. I knew I was a sissy. I had just started dressing up with a sissy friend, as I have described. I had started shaving my legs. I am not a psychiatrist and I have never been to one, but did this incident lead me into being the very submissive person I would become? Did it make me want to be with guys? You read about case histories like this.

The way things unfolded in my junior and senior high school years and how I evolved into such a submissive sissy, really make me wonder.

So, did any of you who follow this blog have any incidents like that in your young life? How did it affect you, if it did? Please respond, I really would like to hear your story, as would others I am sure.



Michelle Hart said...
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Happy pet said...

There were two instances in my younger life that i am convinced shaped me to become the submissive that i am due to their lasting pyshological impact. The first was in my last year at primamry school (aged about 10 or 11) when i was out playing with two of the girls from my class - i preferred girls company then too! We were playing in the woods and then we ran into a neighbouring field. At some point they started to chase me and then caught up with me. One of them pinned me down on the ground by straddlign my chest and pinnign my arms down with her knees whilst the other pulled off my trousers and pulled my pants down. They were bigger and more developed than i was (as girls are at that age) and i either couldn't or didn't want to resist. It was both humiliating and wonderful.

The second incident occurred about 6 years later when i was 17. I had gone to a pub with two friends and there we got chatting with 3 older girls (in their early 20s). We ended up goign back to one of their houses and we all paired off. After orally pleasuring the girl i was with (something i have always loved doing) she then intimated for us to have sex. Whether nerves (it would have been my first time) or alcohol i could not get an erection. She thought this hilarious and got up and ran through the house laughing and telling the others about my lack of performance. The next day at college i was headline news and had a new nickname - 'floppy'. For years afterwards i was always fearful of whether i would be able to 'perform'. I loved giving oral but found penetrative sex a nerve-wracking ordeal.

Thus when my Owner made it clear that She was not interested in me penetrating Her anymore, just in me pleasuring Her orally, and that chastity would become the norm for me, it was actually a relief. i need never fear about performing again and could just concentrate on enjoying sex and giving Her pleasure. And that has been the way we have lived for the past 6 of the 10 years we have been together.

Both of these events had a profound impact on shaping the happy submissive i became.


Stevie Stevens said...

Happy pet: I also knew a girl in my neighborhood who was dominant over me! She never sat on me or anything like that and we were actually good friends, born a day apart. But she just had this dominating presence over me, like she was the guy and I was the girl. She was quite strong in build and very athletic. I realized that I was drawn to anyone who was dominant over me, even the girls. Never really a doubt that I would be submissive when it came to sex and life in general.

CassandraA said...

Stevie, I also knew a girl in middle school and high school who I semi-dated. She was very into me and I was shy and unsure about her. In school she would push me gently against the lockers and kiss me which was embarrassing for me. At her house she would wrestle me to the ground and straddle me and pin my arms down above my head. Naturally she would start to kiss me while I was pinned down like that. Back in those days I didn't know what to do or what I wanted. I was definitely more the girl and she was the boy. Now as an adult I would love a relationship like that.

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