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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Sissy Story 4: Teen becomes more girlie

I'm going to write about discovering boys in the next installment, but first I have to describe how I got to that point.

In the previous post, I mentioned how I had started shaving my legs. Like most males about to become a teen, I started get hair on my legs. Well, I was appalled! I was so upset! I did not want that at all!

So, Timmy and I were dressing up of course and we decided that we would be shaving our legs. We did not do it together, not even once, but we figured it out separately and compared the results.

I had seen my mother shaving her legs as a little kid. Must have left an impression on me because I took to it quite naturally. I have to say I have always enjoyed shaving my legs because I love the result so much! Some real women treat it as a drudgery!

So by the age of 13 I was shaving my legs. I had not worn short shorts until then, but my wonderful sister supplied a pair that I started to wear. What a wonderful feeling to feel the air on your shaved legs! Love that feeling to this day as most sissies do!

At 13, I was shaving my legs, playing house with a sissy friend and dressing up in my sister's hand-me-down clothing! Most of my friends were either fellow sissies or the girls that would put up with a sissy.

Timmy started borrowing some of his mother's lipstick and makeup that we used during our playing house time. And we took turns applying it to one another. So we added that to the shaving of our legs. Do you see a trend further into sissyhood going on here! And it gets better!

After a while, we went into a discount store and bought our own lipstick, makeup and nail polish. I also liked sweet-smelling spray scents and still do. I remember buying something called Feminine Deodorant Spray that Timmy and I would spray on our little things!

Not long after that, we were buying our own panties and pantyhose. Timmy was especially happy because the style of a younger woman's panties is much sexier than that of your mother! I had already been wearing young woman panties, as I had been wearing my teenage sister's.

During my junior high years, which in our school district was the grades 7 through 9 and ages of around 13 to 15, I did not get a lot of flack for shaving my legs. You would be seen in gym class, of course, and we also had to take swimming class in my school. That's because some of the boys did not have a lot of hair on their legs yet, so the sissies were not really noticed for their shaving. The flack would come in senior high school and it was pretty sucky.

Once again, if you can relate to any of this -- and I am sure sissies have similar stories -- please post your comments here!



Stephanie Shaw (SissyBra) said...

Hi Stevie gurl. I love your story and can identify with everything you are saying. I love the part about shaving your legs and wearing your sisters shorts. That's so femmie and sissy. To this day that is one of the things I love to do. I always keep my legs and body completely shaved, but I have a thing for girl's shorts. I buy from a company called, Charlotte Rousse on line. They carry what they term as hi waisted millennium shorts. The style I get are very short, have no pockets, zip up the side or back, and fit very tight. I usually get them in medium which is really to small but I want them to fit very tight. One of my favorite sissy outfits I wear out to expose myself as a sissy gurl is pink panties with cute little bow on the front, a matching b cup bra, a pair of the white zip up the side shorts, a pink girlly tank top with a little bow at the top, open toed strappy girls white sandals. I paint my toes and finger nails with red polish (Revelon) and wear red lipstick. I have pierced ears and wear gold hooped ear rings that dangle. I have a boy hair cut and don't wear a wig. I wear a touch of eye makeup and perfume. You can tell I'm a boy dressed as a sissy. I dress like this when I'm out of town on business. What I do is go to the local mall, get out of the car, and priss, wigging my ass to the door and go in. I then start walking around and I always get stares and laughs. I always look for a pack of teen girls, they are the best. They will start giggling and pointing at me and sometimes as I go by one might yell out, "fag" or "homo". I turn and look at them and smile and say, "thanks that's what I was going for". They always burst out in laughter and I love it and keep walking until I find the lingerie store. I always go in and go to the panties and bras and start looking, and holding them up to me. I pick out a set to buy and look for a young girl to check me out. I love to watch the expression on her face because she knows i'm a sissy and the bra and panties are for me. And, as you said I love the feel of the cool air on my shaved legs. I'm such a sissy and I love it. I love the series you are doing keep up the good work. Kisses, Steph(Sissybra).

Stephanie Shaw (SissyBra) said...

I'm going to post an exert from a story from my blog, Sissy: I Love Bras about the first time I cross dressed or wore girls clothes. I had alot of the same experiences you have mentioned so far. The story is about my sister getting her first bra and I'm jealous and... well it picks up here as they come home from the store:

I heard the door open and I could hear Jennier and Mom in the next room. The next thing that happened was completely unexpected and changed my life forever. Jennifer came running into the room, and and pulled up her top, and exclaimed, "Isn't it just wonderful and beautiful, I just love my new bra". Now, I had seen bras before, like in the bathroom Mom would leave her bras laying around, or in the laundry room I would see all her undies for the wash. I just really had not taken that much notice before. Also, In situations where I was upset, I usually started crying and just ran away. But, this time was different. I just stared transfixed at that white training bra. In an instant, I could see the wonderful shiny, silky fabric and the little mounds on her chest, "It just look so Good"! After a long second, I manage to say "It looks great". Then I just ran away to my room and fell on the bed. As I lay there, my thoughts drifted back to the image of the bra. It seems it had cast a magic spell on me, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I began plotting how I was going to get into Jennifer's room to touch the object of my new desire. Finally, two days later, I got my chance. Mom and Jennifer were driving her friend Amy to go swimming. Jennifer was wearing her swimsuit when they left. That means the bra must be in her room. As Mom's car backed out of the driveway, I rushed into Jennifer's room and started looking for "my prize". Then I saw it. There it lay in all it's alluring beauty laying on Jennifer's bed. My hand nervously scooped it up and I instantly brought it up to my face. I could immediately feel it's wonderful luxury. It was a feeling that I had never had before. I felt all tingley all over. I examined the bra even more and looked at and felt the cups, the straps, and the way it hooked in the back. All I new that I adored it for some reason. Then I had a quick thought. Should I dare too. I wanted to put it on! I stood there for a minute more and the I dropped the bra back on the bed and I started pulling my shirt off. It was a pull over tee, and as it came over my head, my eyes locked back on the bra. Again, I gently picked it up and pulled to my chest. I then turned to her dresser mirror, and watch myself putting it on. My arms went thru the straps, and I tried to reach around and hook it. But, I couldn't quite do it. So, I rotated it around front, and hook the clasps, and rotated it to the back, putting my arms back into the straps. I peered into the mirror and there I stood wearing a wonderful beautiful bra. I had an even more intense feeling that I loved. I felt like I had finally found that being girlly was what I needed. Yes, I liked feeling girly! That day I vowed to myself that I would have a bra of my own. But, the strangest thing of allwas that my little boy cock was hard as a rock. This locked my love for bras for the rest of my life. It became the basis of being a sissy and transformed me forever. I love and adore wonderful femmie bras! I hope you enjoyed this story. Kisses, Steph (Sissybra).

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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