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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Weak sissy needs young lady's help

So, I went into our local big-box garden store the other day to buy some of what turned out to be heavy things. I needed salt for my water softener and it comes in 40-pound bags. I needed some mulch and it comes in big bags too that are heavy.

The items I needed were stacked outside, so I paid and told the older lady at the checkout that I could load them in the car myself. Then this young lady -- college age -- came by and asked if I needed help loading my car.

I said "No, I can manage."

She said, "Those bags are pretty heavy, are you sure you don't need any help?"

I said again, "No, I should be OK."

She insisted: "I'll help you. You look like you need some help."

So she walked with me to where the items were. I had parked pretty much between the items I bought. She grabs two 40-pound bags of softener salt by the handles on the bags both at once and easily carries them over to my car, lifts them higher and puts them into the back of my SUV.

Then she goes over to the mulch to get me four bags. She carries these big bulky bags over two at a time, again lifting them up to put them into the back of my SUV.

This girl was a strong, athletic girl, obviously. She looked like she played sports, for sure. You could see the muscles in her upper arms as she carried and lifted those heavy bags.

So, why did she feel she had to help me? Do you think it was my skinny shaved arms that look so weak? Do you think it was my smooth girlie legs, showing since I had on shorts? Do you think it was how I handled myself in my talk and walk. Or my breasts and nipples showing through my T-shirt? Of course it was all of them. The girl knew a sissy when she saw one!

But that has happened to me before, as I have written. I struggle trying to carry and lift one of those 40-pound bags of water softener salt. Same with the big bags of mulch. I had to struggle to get them out my SUV, then I used a dolly to get the salt into the garage and the mulch to the front yard. I use that dolly a lot! I just love the luggage on wheels!

I don't feel humiliated when that happens. I have always been weak. And submissive too. I know that I am submissive to real men and most women. Never been a doubt about that. I am like the other sissies and the real women who want to be girlie girls. And sometimes I need help carrying things and I know nothing about cars and other manly things.

Still, I have to wonder. That young lady was so nice, but did she go back into the store and tell everyone how she had to help that pathetic sissy load up? I hope not. But I bet the men who have helped me in a similar way have told their buddies such a story about me.

The young lady was wonderful. I thanked her for helping me. She smiled and said "Thanks for coming by and have a nice day."

So, tell me, have you ever had a similar experience where a female had to help you because they thought you were weak enough to need help. I bet that if you look in on this blog that you sure have!


CassandraA said...

I had a similar situation buying mulch. The lady told me that there would be somebody to help me load my car. I didn't ask for help, so it must have been my thin shaved arms that tipped her off.

BIG MAC692 said...


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